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Whether you’re looking for basic auto repair services like factory scheduled maintenance or 30k/60k/90k/120k mile services, or something more specific like computer diagnostics, we’ve got you covered.

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  • 30k/60k/90k/120k Mile Services
  • Oil Changes
  • Tune Ups
  • Filter Replacements
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Fluid Services (BG Products)
  • Trip Inspections
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair
  • Auto Repair Service
  • Pre-purchase Inspections
engine repair oklahoma city


Keep your engine healthy, and your car has a better chance of lasting for the long haul. If you stay on top of your engine maintenance and tend to any engine repairs immediately, your car or truck will last longer. With something as important as car engine repair, our certified technicians have been servicing automotive engines for decades.

  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Performance Check
  • Belt Replacement
  • Drivability Diagnostics & Repair
  • Fuel Injection Repair & Service
  • Fuel System Repair & Maintenance
  • Ignition System Repair & Maintenance
  • Alternator Testing & Replacement
  • Starter Testing & Replacement
  • Battery Testing & Replacement
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Beck’s Garage carries many brand name tires that are ready to install. We specialize in tires for all makes of passenger cars and trucks, commercial vehicles, plus tire rotation, and wheel alignment. Schedule your tire or auto repair service appointment today!

  • New Tires (up to 20″ rim)
  • Top Tire Brands
  • Tire Rotation
  • Tire Balancing
  • Commercial Tires
  • Passenger Tires
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brake repair services and rotors


Your auto repair services should include routine brake inspections and brake maintenance; this can save you money in the long run by preventing “collateral” damage. Worn out brake pads can cause serious damage to brake rotors and brake calipers… and possible body damage because you were unable to stop as soon as you should have… or thought you could have.

  • Brake Repair
  • Brake Replacement
  • Brake Inspection
  • Rotors & Calipers
  • Brake Pads
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air conditioning and heating repair


We offer a full range of heating and cooling system diagnostics, as well as heating system and air conditioning repair and service. Our trained technicians are also masters of belt, compressor, and evaporator repair and replacement.

  • Heating & Cooling System Diagnostics
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service
  • Heating System Repair & Service
  • Compressor Repair & Replacement
  • Evaporator Repair & Replacement
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wheel alignments & suspension repair


Your vehicle’s steering and suspension play an important role in the safety of your vehicle. The steering and suspension system, together with tires, determine how your car will ride and handle. You should have both inspected at least once a year. To ensure vehicle safety and prevent expensive repairs it is highly recommended that routine wheel alignments, tire rotations, and wheel balancing be performed.

  • 2 Wheel Alignment
  • 4 Wheel Alignment
  • Shocks & Struts Repair
  • Chassis & Suspension Repair
  • Suspension & Steering Repair
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radiator repair


Did you know that overheating is the most common cause of mechanical breakdowns on the road? And that overheating can cause severe damage to the engine and the transmission? Maintaining your vehicle’s radiator, fluids and cooling system is essential to keeping you and your old friend on the road.

  • Hose Replacement
  • Cooling System Repair
  • Radiator Repair & Replacement
  • Water Pump Repair & Replacement
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electrical systems and alternator repair


Your car’s electrical system is a complex network that requires specialized diagnostic equipment for comprehensive servicing. A technician can access your vehicle’s data with diagnostics and identify the exact cause of any electrical problems. Let the experts at Beck’s Garage help you and schedule an appointment today!

  • Windshield Wiper Repair
  • Power Lock Repair
  • Power Antenna Repair
  • Power Steering Repair
  • Power Window Repair
  • Power Accessory Repair
  • Light Repair & Bulb Replacements
  • Alternator
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